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Veteran Team Leaders - Veteran & Expert Snow Plow Drivers

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Veteran Team Leaders - Veteran & Expert Snow Plow Drivers
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Toronto, Ontario.

Veteran Team Leaders - Veteran & Expert Snow Plow Drivers

Wanted For Seasonal Work in Toronto

$31 to $37 Per Hour. Plus Monthly Bonuses. Plus 8% Vacation Pay.

Minimum of 80 Hours Guaranteed Per Month.

Winter Employment Contract Means You Work Only When It Snows!

Join Monster Plowing Company as a Veteran Team Leader and Expert Snow Plow Driver in Toronto. Utilize your experience in snow and ice maintenance, operate snow plow trucks, manage your snow removal crew, and ensure safety and accessibility of commercial and residential properties during winter.

At Monster Plowing Company, we value the expertise of veteran snow plow operators like you. As a Veteran Team Leader, you'll bring your experience and knowledge to lead a small team of dedicated snowfighters (1-3 people) in efficiently clearing and deicing private roads, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and more. You'll be assigned a select group of commercial and residential sites in Toronto, ensuring their safety throughout the entire winter season.

But it doesn't stop there. As a Veteran Team Leader and Expert Snow Plow Driver, you'll also have the opportunity to assist in support tasks such as equipment maintenance and ice control product deliveries. Your role will be crucial in maintaining the quality and effectiveness of our services.

We understand that being a Veteran Team Leader requires flexibility and commitment. That's why this position operates on an on-call basis with irregular hours, including overnight shifts. We need someone like you who can be available at a moment's notice, day or night, to respond to weather conditions and operational demands.

Your dedication will not go unnoticed. We offer competitive compensation and recognize the importance of your role in keeping our city safe and accessible. Your expertise will be valued, and you'll have the chance to make a real impact on the community.

Join the Winter Warriors: Veteran Team Leader and Expert Snow Plow Driver Opportunities at Monster Plowing Company

Monster Plowing Company, Toronto's leading snow and ice maintenance service provider, is on the hunt for experienced snow plow drivers and team leaders. These roles are critical in ensuring the safety and accessibility of our city during the winter months.

Benefits of Working with Monster Plowing Company

Working with Monster Plowing Company comes with numerous benefits. We offer seasonal work with flexible scheduling, performance bonuses, and guaranteed minimum hours. Our team operates on an on-call basis using modern equipment and benefits from various training and professional development opportunities.

Job Features

As a veteran team leader and snow plow driver, you will be responsible for operating heavy-duty plow trucks with v-box spreaders and managing medium-sized crews for private properties. Your duties will include quality control, efficient completion of work, and basic support tasks such as equipment maintenance and staff scheduling.

Commercial and Residential Services

Monster Plowing Company services a wide range of properties, from commercial and industrial sites to residential areas and new developments. Reliable snow and ice maintenance is crucial for these private properties, and we pride ourselves on providing expert-level service.

Winter Employment Contract

Our winter employment contract is an extended six-month contract that operates according to the weather and on an on-call basis. This requires an open schedule and availability at short notice. The benefits of this winter employment contract are numerous, making it an attractive option for those seeking seasonal work.

Position Summary

  • Veteran snow plow driver for private property snow removal operations
  • Work with Toronto's leading, award-winning snow and ice maintenance company
  • Opportunity to make AS MUCH AS $20,000 per winter for less than 300 hours of actual work per season
  • Become part of a huge, happy, excited team of over 150+ snowfighters and meet lots of new people
  • Operate medium-duty plow truck with 8+ foot snow plow and 1.5+ yard v-box spreader
  • Direct large team of snowfighters to successfully complete directives as required
  • Full-length, extended six-month long winter contract (Nov 1st to Apr 30th)
  • On-call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week as required by winter weather
  • $33 to $37 per hour, based on experience, reliability, timeliness and effectivity
  • Industry-leading 8% vacation pay, added on top of every paycheque
  • Guaranteed minimum 20 working hours per week even if there is no snow and no work
  • Eligible for monthly performance bonuses up to $600 per month
  • Use of company vehicle for duration of contract as required for work obligations
  • No paperwork! Fully modern equipment with electronic logging
  • Must live within a maximum of 45 minutes commuting distance from our Toronto Office

Job Requirements

  • This position requires early morning or late night starts, extended hours, and weekend duty including holidays
  • This position requires 24/7 availability to respond to weather events at any time of day or night
  • Having an open schedule is a must. We work according to the weather, so any time of day or night, if winter strikes we go out!
  • Minimum of 1 year commercial snow removal experience
  • Minimum of 2 years outdoor labour experience requiring medium to heavy physical effort
  • Minimum 3 years of insured driving experience with a G-level license
  • Minimum of 3 years commercial driving experience operating pickup trucks or greater
  • Clean Driver’s Abstract provided upon acceptance of job offer (one minor infraction is okay)
  • Excellent winter driving abilities with any type of automatic transmission vehicle, often in tight or narrow quarters
  • Good verbal and written interpersonal communication and leadership skills
  • Excellent knowledge of consumer technology (Windows PC, Microsoft Office, Android Tablet, GPS Navigation, Smart Phone, Common Mobile Apps)
  • Must have a modern smart phone with a basic internet data plan and full text messaging/voice call capabilities

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitor your cell phone 24/7 in order to promptly and quickly respond to all schedule updates sent by dispatch via text message
  • Arrive to work at our yard in a speedy fashion when called upon, ready to go at a moments notice all winter long
  • Direct and manage small-sized crews (1-3 people) while ensuring all assigned duties are performed properly and safely at all times throughout each shift
  • Ensure top-notch quality control and efficient completion of all work as required to meet service demands, time constraints, and operational deadlines
  • Assist with performance of routine equipment maintenance/repair tasks such as changing vehicle fluids, fueling, greasing, painting, etc.
  • Assist with complex opening and closing shift duties such as loading ice melter with a machine or directing groups of staff
  • Comply with and help enforce all safety precautions, operational procedures, directions, rules, policies, and regulations
  • Ensure all team members are following rules and directions at all times
  • Assist with one on one training and individual remediation as required
  • Assist with quality control services and one on one communications as required

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Working with Monster Plowing Company as a veteran team leader and snow plow driver offers numerous benefits and features. We invite experienced snow plow drivers and team leaders to apply for this job opportunity and join our team in providing essential snow and ice maintenance for private and commercial properties in Toronto. If you're ready to take on this rewarding challenge, join our team as a Veteran Team Leader at Monster Plowing Company. Your skills and leadership will make a difference in Toronto's winter landscape. Apply now and be a part of our exceptional snow removal team!

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