What to Expect When You're A Monster Client

Expect Your Property to Be Automatically Free and Clear of Snow and Ice Throughout the Entire Winter

With Monster, you can expect our team to automatically respond with prompt service for all types of weather events which may create a hazard on your property, including snowfalls over one centimeter, freezing rain and ice storms.

Like an insurance policy against winter, Monster will automatically attend your property in order to maintain safe site conditions, clear of any ice and snow accumulation after every weather event regardless of how hard, how much, or how often it snows.
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Exceptional Winter Safety Record
Fully insured and compliant, our industry-leading safety management procedures ensure clients face limited impact from any weather-related liability issues.
Contingency Response Plans
Spearheaded by an in-house, cutting-edge weather monitoring facility, Monster's contingency response plans are customized to manage all types of winter hazards.
Monster Plowing Company truck removing snow, plowing snow in Toronto
Innovative Quality Control Systems
Equipped with fully-automated field service reporting and management capabilities, our proprietary quality control system ensures top-notch service delivery at all times.
Instant Emergency Communication
During snow events, office staff are always available to field customer enquiries at all hours of the day or night, either by telephone, email, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
Extensive Fleet of Modern Equipment
Featuring the latest in snow and ice removal technology, our extensive fleet comprises Toronto's largest, privately-owned armada of snow & ice removal equipment.
Monster Plowing Company truck removing snow, plowing snow in Toronto
Advanced Logistics and Automation
Innovative technological solutions and breakthroughs include GPS-tracked vehicles, live field video surveillance, automated dispatch, and computerized routing.
Equipped with Live Video Surveillance, Our Trucks Record Multiple HD Camera Angles At All Times
Advanced Technology Enables Monster to Deliver Top-Notch Service Quality
Monster's Evolved, Cutting-Edge Technology Enables us to Make Good on Our Promise of Delivering Toronto's Best Snow Removal Services
Technologically Advanced, Our Systems Are Based on Years of Proprietary Development
Monster utilizes modern tech, including live video surveillance and HD cameras in all of our trucks, to deliver the best in snow and ice maintenance service quality and reliability.
100% Dedicated to Snow and Ice
Unique in the Toronto market, Monster is entirely dedicated to the snow removal trade. Solely devoted, snow and ice maintenance is the only type of service we provide.
Monster Plowing Company truck removing snow, plowing snow in Toronto
All-Star Team of Professional Staff
Led by a management team that never sleeps, Monster's team of fully-uniformed, meticulously-trained, and battle-hardened snowfighters is unrivaled in the snow industry.
Industry-Leading Customer Service
Proven by a glowing track-record of client satisfaction, Monster prides itself on maintaining reliable, 24/7 communication channels and a standard of instant response throughout the winter season.
Monster Plowing Company truck removing snow, plowing snow in Toronto
Voted Toronto's Best Ice and Snow Removal Service, Ten Years in a Row by the Consumer Choice Awards
Years in Business
Plow Trucks
Seasonal Clients
Contracted Sites
Renewal Rate
100% dedicated to snow and ice removal in Toronto, Monster's #1 priority is keeping our contracted properties safe.
Lightning-Fast Arrival Times. Comprehensive Service. Responsible Management.
Tired of your old snow removal contractor? Sign up with Monster and forget those winter blues!
Monster Plowing Company truck removing snow, plowing snow in Toronto
Boasting Toronto's Largest Privately-Owned Fleet of Snow & Ice Removal Equipment
With a Monster-sized team of over 170 professional snowfighters and a dedicated fleet of 80 reliable snow plow trucks, we have the resources and expertise to tackle even the toughest winter storms.
Monster Plowing Company truck removing snow, plowing snow in Toronto
Award-winning, automated, reliable ice and snow removal is just a few clicks away.
Voted Toronto's Best Snow Removal Company, Ten Years in a Row by The Consumer Choice Awards.
Get unrivaled ice and snow removal services from Toronto's leading team of snowfighters.
Tired of Shovelling? Monster is Here to Help.
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Toronto's only award-winning snow and ice maintenance service, Monster has been proudly clearing snow and ice from commercial and residential properties in the GTA since 2008.
Trust our amazing team to simply solve all of your snow problems!
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