Celebrating the Milestone: A Look Back at Mikhail Evgrafov's 2016 SIMA CEO of the Year Award

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Celebrating the Milestone: A Look Back at Mikhail Evgrafov's 2016 SIMA CEO of the Year Award
We take immense pleasure in reminiscing about a pivotal moment that marked the success and growth trajectory of Monster Plowing Company. Over six years ago, our visionary CEO, Mikhail Evgrafov, was honored with the 2016 CEO of the Year award by the prestigious Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA). This wasn't merely an award; it was a prophecy that foresaw the unmatchable growth and achievements that would follow for both Mikhail and Monster Plowing Company.

Celebrating the Milestone: A Look Back at Mikhail Evgrafov's 2016 SIMA CEO of the Year Award and Monster Plowing Company's Meteoric Rise

Mikhail started Monster Plowing Company at an impressively young age. Against all odds, he envisioned and actualized a snow removal service that transcended mere functionality. Monster wasn't designed to just move snow; it was engineered to offer peace of mind. Since its inception in 2008, Monster Plowing Company has evolved from a small local startup to the most accredited, trustworthy, and reliable brand-name snow contractor in Toronto.

The Nominations and Selection Process

Every year, the international Snow and Ice Management Association, in collaboration with Snow Business magazine, invites nominations for its CEO of the Year award. The accolade serves to spotlight a distinguished executive who has exhibited exceptional qualities in innovation, financial stewardship, and professionalism in the snow removal industry. After a rigorous evaluation process, it was Mikhail Evgrafov who stood out from the rest, clinching the highly coveted title.

Monster Plowing Company and Mikhail Evgrafov's Exceptional Journey

This acknowledgment was much more than a trophy on a shelf; it was a testament to Mikhail's tireless commitment to excellence and vision. Making the front cover of Snow Business magazine—which boasts an expansive reach with over 30,000 monthly issues distributed—provided a platform to share Mikhail's inspiring journey with the global community.

Industry-Wide Recognition and The Gala Presentation

The pomp and glamour of the award ceremony were just the icing on the cake. Mikhail received the CEO of the Year award amidst industry peers and stakeholders at the annual Snow & Ice Symposium. His feature in the June issue of Snow Business magazine was more than a photo and a headline; it was an endorsement of his professional ethos, a roadmap to aspiring entrepreneurs, and a tribute to his role in elevating the standards of the snow removal industry.

The Prophetic Milestone and 700% Growth

Fast-forward to today, and it's clear that the 2016 CEO of the Year award was a watershed moment. Since then, Monster Plowing Company has experienced a staggering 700% growth, further solidifying its position as an industry leader. This monumental achievement is not just a credit to Mikhail, but a validation of the potential that SIMA saw in him and the company he so passionately built.

The 2016 CEO of the Year award wasn't merely an accolade for Mikhail Evgrafov - it was an accurate prediction of the successful trajectory Monster Plowing Company was destined to follow. We owe a depth of gratitude to SIMA and Snow Business magazine for providing us with a platform that accelerated our growth and positioned us as an authority in the industry. Thank you to everyone for believing in us! We have been, and will continue to be, relentless in proving you right and delivering the finest snow and ice maintenance services in the industry!

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