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Fill out the form below to instantly book your free, customized quote. Be sure to include a descriptive list of all areas on your property in need of service. Upon submission, you will receive an automated confirmation email. Your property will then be surveyed, and a custom scope of service diagram created. Once it is ready, you will receive your customized winter maintenance quote package via email. If we need any clarification during the surveying process, one of our team members will be in touch to confirm details. Upon receiving your quote package, if you have any questions, adjustments to make, or are ready to sign up, we are always just a quick email or call away!
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Completely Unlimited, Flat-Rate, Seasonal Snow & Ice Maintenance

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Zero-Tolerance Snow & Ice Maintenance, Priority Service Guaranteed

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What to Consider Before Booking Your Quote?

Detailed Scope of Service
Your twelve-page written quote will include available Service Package pricing levels, selectable service options, payment schedule, and a detailed computer-generated diagram of all areas to receive service. All contract terms and conditions will be thoroughly explained within this file. This file will also serve as your written contract should you proceed to sign up. So that we can provide an accurate quote, please be sure to provide a detailed description of the premises and all areas in need of service.
No Meeting Necessary
Once we receive your quote request, a member of our sales team will visit your property to survey the location in-person. If you do request a meeting, one of our sales staff will be in contact with you within 24 hours to schedule a meeting time based on your availability. Should our sales team have any questions regarding the specifics of your property, a representative will contact you either via email or telephone prior to compiling your quote. In most cases, a meeting is not necessary, but we do prefer that large commercial or multi-residential site owners/managers are on-site during the surveying stage.
Multiple Price Points
Your flat-rate seasonal cost will be based on the specific requirements, labour needs, and layout of the property. Our pricing is absolutely all-inclusive, with unlimited coverage of every snowfall over 1 CM, as well as all freezing events such as ice storms and freezing rain. Your quote will offer a choice between two different Service Package levels, allowing you to select the Package best suited for your site's requirements and budgetary constraints. It's like getting two quotes in one!
Zero Obligation Quotes
Quotes are always free and come with absolutely no strings attached. Remember, our seasonal service covers your property from first to last snowfall, with unlimited clearing and deicing, all winter long! There are no hidden fees, no extra visit charges, and no worrying about unforeseen payments. Your quoted pricing for the current season will never increase, and your flat-rate cost is absolutely guaranteed for the entire winter. The quoted pricing is not an estimate, but rather a guarantee of seasonal cost.

What Do Our Existing Clients Have to Say?

"You want service? Toronto’s Monster Plowing Company not only provides a guaranteed service, its GPS-monitored trucks will automatically [create a detailed log entry] when its truck arrives at and leaves your property. Or, watch its truck’s progress in real time, on its website. More service? Monster can also clear your sidewalk and entrances, and make them safe with environmentally friendly de-icing agents. Private services such as Monster invariably outcompete the city’s inflexible, unionized municipal workforce, saving taxpayers money and improving their quality of life."

Lawrence Solomon National Post Article

"We have 24 properties in downtown Toronto and Monster Plow clears the snow in the parking area of the properties for us. I have found this company to be very good. I sometimes get complaints about the work from my tenants but they respond to the problems really quickly. Also, out of the 24 I have only had one or two complaints so that says something! I have been using their service for 3-4 years now and have been really happy with them. "

Tim Annexgates Residence Association

"Work was completed on time with minimal customer disruption at my 3 locations. We don't have to call for follow up service over the course of the contract. One of the better service providers we have used for snow removal. "

Richard M. McDonald's Restaurants of Canada

"I got a year contract with Monster Plowing and thought their service and company was fantastic. They handled all our snow removal and plow and did an excellent job."

Kristin Cartright Self Storage

"Monster Plow did the winter maintenance and snow removal on a condo that I have a contract for. They were really to great work with, very professional and I am very happy to have used them this year. This was my first time working with this snow removal service company and I found their communication to be top notch and I have no complaints. I wasn't very happy with previous companies I had worked with in the past so this year decided to go with someone new. I found Monster Plowing through a google search."

Jeremy Toronto Property Manager

"Monster Plow Co. did an excellent job for me last year. Mikhail responded to my request promptly. The team plowed the driveway & parking space diligently as laid out in the contract. In spite of the huge amount of snow last year, they came as frequently as required. I am very impressed with their service and definitely will sign with them again next season."

Dave Cedarvale Landlord

"Monster provides an excellent service -- they are thoughtful, prompt, and careful."

Paul Hillcrest Landlord

"I am really impressed with Monster Plowing's communication services as they always send out e-mail updates before a storm is coming to let people know what they are going to do."

Private Toronto Landlord

"Monster Plowing company did my snow removal and cleared a common driveway for each of the condo units. They also shovelled the stairs for each condo unit (there are 12 units in total). We are really happy with their work and we have been using their services for over 5 years now! "

John MTCC Board of Directors

"We've been hiring out snow removal services for the past 10 years for our strip mall lot and walkways. We were never able to find a steady contractor until we found Monster. We've been with them for the past four seasons and are very happy with our service. They always come through on all their promises, and are very easy to contact when we need them. I would recommend the Monster for any commercial lot."

Ivan Etobicoke Landlord

Providing Snow Services To the Entire City of Toronto

Questions? Send us an email or call us at 647-967-PLOW

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