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With over a decade of experience taking care of Toronto's premiere commercial properties, Monster has established relationships with many of the city's leading businesses, organizations, institutions, and property managers. Quality service is at the very heart of our success. We understand the paramount importance of winter safety for your commercial property. We fill the need for a reliable, prompt, and consistent commercial snow and ice maintenance service, delivered on time, every time, with absolutely no excuses. You can't afford to let your business get buried in snow and ice again. Guarantee yourself some peace of mind this winter, join our roster of satisfied clients today!

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Exceptional Winter Safety Record

Fully insured and compliant, our industry-leading safety management procedures ensure clients face limited impact from any weather-related liability issues.

Detailed Contingency Response Plans

Spearheaded by an in-house, cutting-edge weather monitoring facility, Monster's contingency response plans are customized to manage all types of winter hazards.

Innovative Quality Control Systems

Equipped with fully-automated field service reporting and management capabilities, our proprietary quality control system ensures top-notch service delivery at all times.

All-Star Team of Professional Staff

Led by a management team that never sleeps, Monster's team of fully-uniformed, meticulously-trained, and battle-hardened snowfighters is unrivaled in the snow industry.

Extensive Fleet of Modern Equipment

Featuring the latest in snow and ice removal technology, our extensive fleet comprises Toronto's largest, privately-owned armada of snow & ice removal equipment.

Advanced Logistics and Automation

Innovative technological solutions and breakthroughs include GPS-tracked vehicles, live field video surveillance, automated dispatch, and computerized routing.

100% Dedicated to Snow and Ice

Unique in the Toronto market, Monster is entirely dedicated to the snow removal trade. Solely devoted, snow and ice maintenance is the only type of service we provide.

Instant Emergency Communication

During snow events, office staff are available to field customer enquiries at all hours of the day or night, either by telephone, email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Industry-Leading Customer Service

Proven by a glowing track-record of client satisfaction, Monster has earned the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence, six consecutive years in a row.

Equipped with Advanced Live Video Surveillance Technology

Monster Plowing Company

Distinguished by Invaluable Trade Association Partnerships

Monster Plowing Company

Expert Ice & Snow Removal Is Vital to Your Property's Success

Full Service Snow & Ice Maintenance
We offer a comprehensive commercial snow removal service, designed to make your company's winter season painless and profitable. Our service is fully automated, so you never have to worry about calling in the plows. We take charge not only of plowing, but also of clearing entrances, walkways, sidewalks, stairs, etc. The layout and specifics of each contracted property are thoroughly diagrammed, ensuring that all snow removal services are performed exactly to each client's specifications. Your business' hours of operation, peak volume windows, and general layout are all taken into account when scheduling routes. Drivers are specifically trained on-site on the nuances of each commercial property prior to their first live run, and are given the opportunity to practice. When a Monster crew attends your property, you can be sure they will be courteous, professional, and friendly. With Monster, rest easy knowing your commercial property is maintained in a safe, detail-oriented, and attentive manner, all winter long.
Automatic Winter Weather Response
Monster maintains 24/7 weather monitoring, up-to-date forecasting, and the experience necessary to identify an impending ice or snow attack from the advanced data available to our operations team. Experience counts here, as timing in commercial snow removal is crucial in the case of many events. Crews are strategically dispatched at specific times so as to enable the successful operations of our clients' properties. During a winter storm, minutes, not hours, can make or brake the safety and curb-appeal of your property. For our clients to remain successful, it is absolutely vital for our team to maintain a dilligent awareness of impending weather events. Like firefighters, our team of snowfighters are ready to hit the road at a moment's notice, any time of day or night.
Detailed Reporting & Event Logging
Account managers receive an email notice at least 24 hours in advance of any active weather that is expected to hit Toronto or the surrounding areas. These updates contain the latest pertinent information about the impending weather including snowfall start and stop times, expected storm severity, approximate amounts of precipitation and expected weather impacts on our city. Sharing advance information is vital for successfully planning commercial snow and ice removal operations, and allows our clients to make any special arrangements as required, well in advance of the plows visiting their property. Our trucks are tracked live with an entirely GPS-enabled fleet, and all work events are meticulously logged and reported. Operators also update personal work logs each time they visit your property, via their portable field quality control application. Event logs and proof of service reports are made available to clients via email.
Licensed, Insured & Experienced
According to Environment Canada, Toronto faces an average of 140 centimetres of snowfall per year, spread over forty to fifty snowfall events. It is not uncommon to see snowfall accumulations of over 30 centimetres from one storm! Keeping your commercial property clear and hazard-free requires a lot of time, specialized equipment, and heavy labour. Having a licensed, insured and experienced snow removal contractor is imperative to ensure your safety during the Winter months. Consistently top-notch snow removal service is at the heart of Monster Plow's success. Toronto snow is unpredictable, and can often cause major delays and shutdowns. With over a decade of commercial snow removal experience, $5,000,000 liability coverage, and WSIB clearance, you can trust us to keep your business running smoothly and safely at all times.

Reliable & Ready When You Need Us the Most

Monster Plow is truly different and the results are spectacular. Our service can include clearing of not only your parking lots and driveways, but also clearing of sidewalks, walkways, steps, entrances, fire routes, and just about anything you need plowed or shoveled. Everytime a Monster crew attends your property, we want to make you proud of the work we've performed. Our team is made up of an incredibly tight knit, dedicated group of individuals, who arrive to work amidst any winter weather with a big smile on their face. At all times, our number one goal is to ensure that all of our clients are satisfied with the services they've received from Monster Plowing Company. Click here to find out why else Monster truly is Toronto's best snow removal service.

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