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Properly Maintaining a Safe Property During the Winter Requires Intense Planning, Innovative Logistics, and Constant Diligence

It’s easy to imagine the difficulties accumulating snowfall can create for the accessibility of your business, but winter will also bring with it frequent freezing rain, sleet, slush, ice storms, flash freezing, and other un-plowable nuisance events which will drastically effect the safety of your property. '

In recent years, Toronto has been gripped with numerous ice and sleet storms of varying severity, of which even the minor ones have posed great safety concerns for the residents of the city. Some types of wintery precipitation cannot be serviced with a snow plow, and requires attention above and beyond plowing to keep the property safe. Deicing materials must be routinely applied in order to maintain the safety of occupants and visitors at the premises during all types of icy weather. The risks of ice buildup pose major safety and accessibility issues for your property and its patrons, so to avoid the risks and liability associated with ice-related accidents, owners of well-travelled properties must ensure that their snow contractor automatically services the premises during such events.

Some types of wintery precipitation cannot be serviced with a snow plow, and requires attention above and beyond plowing to keep the property safe.

Controlling nuisance weather on your property effectively requires constant vigilance, attention, and advanced weather prediction. This is where Monster Plowing Company distinguishes itself from the competition. We provide unparalleled protection against all types of nuisance weather events. Our dedicated Weather Monitoring Team is charged with constantly watching the weather. Up to the minute, localized forecasting and monitoring enables our operations team to deliver immediate service throughout the winter, ready to go at a moments notice.

Coupled with our many years of experience dealing with all types of winter threats, Monster Plowing Company features the latest technology in weather forecasting and storm tracking:

24/7 weather monitoring, up-to-date forecasting, and the experience necessary to identify an impending ice attack from the advanced data available to our operations team.

Once our weather monitoring staff identify the possibility of an ice attack, all crews are immediately put at the highest state of readiness. At this point, all hands are on deck, ready to provide service at the most opportune moment in conjunction with the active weather as it unfolds.

Crews are strategically dispatched either before, during, or after an ice attack as necessary to apply Green Melter to your property in order to provide safe passage. Experience counts here, as timing is crucial in the case of many events. Applying the Green Melter too early can lead to the product being washed or blown away; applying it too late can lead to personal injury and even property or vehicular damage.

Automatic freezing event coverage is fully included for all Complete and Priority package clients, and we will respond to an unlimited number of events all winter long. Complete and Priority clients can expect to see our trucks at their property every time there is any kind of active weather, with automatic eco-friendly ice control applications performed for all types of nuisance ice events. This service is completely unlimited and all scheduled ice control is included in your flat seasonal rate.

Written by George Armstrong, General Manager, Monster Plowing Company

Having started his career with Monster in the early days of the organization, George has been instrumental in helping make Monster Plowing Company what it is today. George brings with him intense enthusiasm for his work. Snow maintenance isn't just a job, its a passion, and his input, innovative thinking, and creative problem solving have proven invaluable to the success of our team. From sales to equipment maintenance, service delivery to quality control, George ensures that every day is a smooth one. In 2015, George's dedication culminated in being named a 2015 All-Star of Snow and Ice by the international Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA).
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