Professional Residential Snow Removal Services

With over a decade of experience taking care of Toronto's premiere residential properties, Monster has established relationships with many of the city's leading property managers, homeowners, and landlords. Quality service is at the very heart of our success. We understand the paramount importance of winter safety for your residential property. We fill the need for a reliable, prompt and consistent snow and ice maintenance service, delivered every time with absolutely no excuses. You can't afford to let your home get buried in snow and ice again. Guarantee yourself some peace of mind this winter, join our roster of satisfied clients today!

Setting the bar in residential snow removal excellence

In 2016, for the second consecutive year, Monster Plowing Company was awarded The Consumer Choice Award for Best Toronto Snow Removal Service. All across the Toronto area our customers have voted us #1!
Monster Plowing Company CCA Award
Recipients of the CCA award are chosen based on an impartial, objective, market-research oriented survey of public consumers, performed by a major forensic accounting firm. Only the most recognizable brands are nominated for this award in the first place, so to be selected as the best of our our great city is truly is an outstanding honor.

Said George Armstrong, General Manager of Monster Plowing Company:
"Receiving recognition for a second consecutive year from such a valued and respected collective as the Consumer Choice Awards is amazing. On behalf of Monster Plowing Company, I am so happy and proud to accept this award. It means so much to our staff, because these individuals spend long hours away from their families to do the hard work necessary for our client's properties to stay accessible in the face of Toronto's harsh winter weather. Thank you to our esteemed clients for all of your support over the years, this award could not have happened without you!"
Monster Plowing Company is very proud to announce that it has made the Mike Holmes List of Approved Contractors! Monster Plow is the only snow removal service in the world to ever be featured on Mike Holmes' list. Listed within this prestigious collection are the contractors, suppliers, services and manufacturers that have appeared on all of Mike’s shows. In the dead of winter, while filming an episode for his show, Monster Plowing Company was contacted by Mike's representatives to provide on-set snow and ice maintenance. The episode, a two-hour special entitled "Mike's Ultimate Garage", was successfully filmed despite the ever-present threat of stormy weather. As Mike was building a brand new dream garage from the ground up, the production spanned the entire winter.
Mike Holmes Make It Right List
Monster was there throughout to make sure the property was safe for the crew, completely clearing any ice and snow!

A little bit about Mike Holmes, Canada's leading home improvement contractor and television show host (from Wikipedia):

Mike Holmes was recognized in Canada’s House of Commons for his promotion of skilled trades and for his advocacy for improved building standards. He was acknowledged as an "extraordinary craftsperson" and "an accomplished master builder with a social conscience. Beginning with Holmes on Homes and subsequent shows, Holmes rescues Toronto area homeowners from renovations gone wrong. He continued in his successor TV series, Holmes Inspection. He is also a judge on HGTV's show Handyman Superstar Challenge and its American counterpart All American Handyman with Scott McGillivray.
With great excitement, we are proud to announce that Mikhail Evgrafov, founder of Monster Plowing Company, has been named 2016 CEO of the Year by the international Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA). Each year, SIMA and Snow Business magazine open nominations for the CEO of the Year award, which recognizes a top company executive and their impact on innovation, financial success, and professionalism.

Monster Plowing Company CEO of the Year Award
Featured on the cover of Snow Business magazine (over 30,000 issues distributed monthly), Mikhail's recognition brought with it the opportunity to share his story with the world. Having started Monster at an early age, Mikhail overcame great odds to transform his vision of truly reliable snow removal services into a reality. Envisioning a company which values delivering ultimate peace of mind to its customers, rather than just plowing their snow, Monster was born. Since 2006, Monster Plowing Company has come far from local roots, to become the most accredited, trusted and reliable brand-name snow contractor in Toronto.

As the CEO of the Year, Mikhail Evgrafov received industry-wide recognition in the June issue of Snow Business, including a feature on the cover, and presentation of the award at the annual Snow & Ice Symposium. Check out the victories, trials and tribulations of Mikhail's journey here!
Presented by the international Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), the 7th annual All-Stars of Snow & Ice award shines the spotlight on those who work hard, often behind the scenes, to keep companies running smoothly. The All-Stars recognition is made more special because those featured were nominated by those who know them best: their bosses and peers. From sales to equipment maintenance, service delivery to quality control, George ensures that every day is a smooth one for Monster Plowing Company, its clients and staff. In 2015, George's dedication culminated in being named a 2015 All-Star of Snow and Ice by the international Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA).

Having started his career with Monster in the early days of the organization, George has been instrumental in helping make Monster Plowing Company what it is today. George brings with him intense enthusiasm for his work. Snow maintenance isn't just a job, its a passion, and his input, innovative thinking, and creative problem solving have proven invaluable to the success of our team.

Bringing Snow Removal Services into the 21st Century

Innovative Logistics

The latest automated routing and dispatch software, telematics connectivity, and quality control systems.

Instant communication

During snow events, office staff are available at all hours of the day or night by phone or email.

The best customer service

Proudly awarded with the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence, two years in a row.

Top-notch Quality Control

Innovative technological solutions and breakthroughs include GPS-tracked plows and equipment, dynamic work orders, and automated routing.


Fully insured and compliant, our industry-leading safety management procedures guarantee clients face as little impact from the weather as possible.

On-Demand Reporting

Automated data logging and reporting systems, including proof of delivery images and time-stamped reports available via email.

Contingency Response Plans

Constant weather monitoring facility and customized contingency response plans for all types of different weather situations.

No subcontracted staff

In order to guarantee reliability, we never hire any subcontractors. Our staff are dedicated to Monster at all times, and our equipment is owned in-house.

100% Dedicated to snow

Monster is completely dedicated to the snow removal trade. Snow and ice maintenance services are the only type of service that we provide.

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Contracted Clients

Dedicated Snowfighters

Snow Plow Trucks

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Eliminate the Unnecessary Stress Caused by Winter Weather

Full Service Snow Maintenance
We offer a comprehensive residential snow removal service, designed to make your property's winter season painless and safe. Our service is fully automated, so you never have to worry about calling in the plows. We take charge not only of plowing, but also of clearing entrances, walkways, sidewalks, stairs, etc. The layout and specifics of each contracted property are thoroughly diagrammed, ensuring that all snow removal services are performed exactly to each client's specifications. The number of occupants using your property, peak hours of volume, and general layout are all taken into account when scheduling routes. Drivers are specifically trained on the nuances of each residential property prior to their first live run. With Monster Plow doing your snow removal, you can enjoy a professionally maintained property which is clean, safe, and free of snow and ice all winter long.
Licensed, Insured & Experienced
According to Environment Canada, Toronto faces an average of 140 centimetres of snowfall per year, spread over forty to fifty snowfall events. It is not uncommon to see snowfall accumulations of over 30 centimetres from one storm! Keeping your residential property clear and hazard-free requires a lot of time, specialized equipment, and heavy labour, so having a licensed, insured and experienced snow removal contractor is imperative to ensure your safety during the Winter months. Consistently top-notch snow removal service is at the heart of Monster Plow's success. Toronto snow is unpredictable, and can often cause major delays and shutdowns. With close to 10 years of residential snow removal experience, $5,000,000 liability coverage, and WSIB clearance, you can trust us to keep your residential property running smoothly and safely at all times.
Constant Weather Monitoring
Monster maintains 24/7 weather monitoring, up-to-date forecasting, and the experience necessary to identify an impending ice or snow attack from the advanced data available to our operations team. Experience counts here, as timing is crucial in the case of many events. Crews are strategically dispatched at specific times so as to enable the successful operations of our clients' properties. During a winter storm, minutes, not hours, can make or brake the safety of your property, and it is vital to maintain constant diligence. Like firefighters, our team of snowfighters are ready to hit the road at a moment's notice, any time of day or night.
Detailed Reporting & Image Logging
Account managers receive an email notice at least 24 hours in advance of any active weather that is expected to hit Toronto or the surrounding areas. These updates contain the latest pertinent information about the impending weather including snowfall start and stop times, expected storm severity, approximate amounts of precipitation and expected weather impacts on our city, allowing you to make any special arrangements in advance of the plows visiting your property. You can track our trucks live with our GPS-enabled fleet, and all work is meticulously logged and reported. Upon completion, live images are recorded after each service visit, available via email as proof of delivery upon request.

Imagine a snow service that exceeds expectations

Monster Plow is truly different and the results are spectacular. Our service can include clearing of not only your parking lots and driveways, but also clearing of sidewalks, walkways, steps, entrances, fire routes, and just about anything you need plowed or shoveled. Our team is made up of an incredibly tight knit, dedicated group of individuals, who arrive to work amidst any winter weather with a big smile on their face. The Monster team will make you proud, guaranteed! Click here to find out why we were voted Toronto's best snow removal service.

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